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High-quality Kiwifruit solutions

Te Puke Nurseries

Over 50 years ago, Te Puke Nurseries began supplying the gold standard Bruno rootstock. Through the passage of time, we gradually increased our product line to include the new varieties of Zespri’s SunGold and RubyRed.

We know how much each plant contributes to registering a great return at the end of each season. For this reason, we accommodate even single plant orders to whole developments.

Personalised attention

We are a company with strong values, providing personalised attention and focusing on solutions to achieve quality, enhance orchard development, build customer satisfaction, and generate more returns for our shareholders.

Delivering great products

Our team

We have a wonderfully diverse team located here in Te Puke. 

Made up of people who all have a love for working outdoors and producing the highest quality Kiwifruit plants for our customers.  

Te Puke Nurseries

We know the industry​

We have an extensive FAQ’s page that might have the information you need. Otherwise please feel free to get in touch to chat further about your enquiry.

Our nursery


All of our plants are grown using quality materials, which ensures the best success rate when they reach your place.