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The team at Te Puke Nurseries are very knowledgeable and understand that a lot of work and preparation goes into planning to grow and then growing Kiwifruit in New Zealand.

Are you planning to grow or already well into your growing years but have a question for us? See our frequently asked questions below or get in touch with our team for a chat.

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The Zespri license auctions for SunGold G3 and RubyRed R19 will run from May 1st to May 5th 2023. Get started on your winter planting with our wide selection of plants, including Cryptomeria japonica, Casuarinas (She-oak), and all kiwifruit varieties. Contact us to place your early winter order and arrange for pick-up or delivery. Make an inquiry or give us a call to secure your order today


Our team have put together some helpful frequently asked questions to assist you with your Kiwifruit queries – contact us if you have further questions that have not been answered here.

Te Puke Nurseries is only supplying kiwifruit growers with a KPIN associated with their orchard

Please let us know and we will contact KVH to help you.

KPIN stands for Kiwifruit Property Identification Number. It is issued by Zespri in respect of an Orchard.

Yes, please make a reservation ahead of time. Before you visit our nursery, try to avoid going to any orchard that day.
As soon as you arrive, make sure your clothes and cars are clear of plant residues. Wear a suitable mask, sign our visitor’s book, and scan in with the NZ Covid Tracer app.

The optimal time to plant is when the plants are dormant, which is usually during the months of June and July. If you have irrigation, you may plant them anytime from spring to early summer.

Yes, however you must have a valid Zespri licence at the time of delivery. Alternatively, we can offer Bruno rootstocks or put your order on wait for another year.

Yes, it can be difficult to determine the actual quantity of plants. We operate with approximate numbers to accept your order at the time of booking, but we’ll need the actual number of plants prior to delivery.

Our plants need to follow transport and storage requirements from KVH. Hence, we can’t accept any returns. Therefore, we strongly advise customers to have the correct number available at the time of delivery.

Yes, you are allowed to incorporate our kiwifruit trees in your development.

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